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One Faithful Friend

I sat on the balcony overlooking the gardens, the humidity kissed air caressed my skin. I was soaking in the quietness and warmth of this tropical paradise, the chosen escape in celebration of my birthday when my solitude was interrupted. It was room service delivering breakfast my friend had ordered to surprise me. It was […]

Beautiful In Time

All over the island stands our national tree the lignum-vitae, known as ironwood for its strength; emblematic of the tenacity of a people. This time of year, it is a sheer delight to witness the site of lignum-vitae trees almost enshrouded in yellow Sulphur butterflies in their frenzied mating ritual. One afternoon as I savored […]

Good Friday

Broken Ripped to shreds! Pursuit of virtue lies wasted, A dream as good as dead She who I desired to be is not the one I see through tear filled eyes reviewing my history The war of worlds inside me so real I lay exhausted counting new battle scars before old ones heal Sick to […]

Letting Go

Mine was always a dominant personality, “Leo Queen of the jungleeeee” I would chime as a child frolicking in my big backyard in the country. The line was my adaptation of the theme song from one of my favorite cartoons whose title and protagonist was the fearless ‘Leo the Lion’. This ancestor of Mufasa and […]


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Greater Works

I had submitted my final paper for assessment as part of MBA studies now all I had left was my thesis and I would be done! I had written thirteen other papers for assessment and was certain I knew the characteristics of a good paper.  I knew this paper wouldn’t earn a distinction but it […]

God Our Deliverer

Our God saves! Whether it’s parting the Red Sea so His people could escape their oppressors on dry ground while their enemies who pursued them were swallowed up by the waters; Exodus 14 Or granting Gideon’s throng of 300 victory over the Midianite Army whose number was as innumerable as sand on the seashore; Judges […]