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Faith Does

Us Christians love Hebrews 11 and for good reason.  The passage is filled with accounts of history that rival and have even influenced the cinematic thrills and intrigue of Hollywood blockbusters.  But like all scripture, it wasn’t given to us for entertainment but to train, challenge and ultimately change us.  After all, faith is the […]

One Faithful Friend

I sat on the balcony overlooking the gardens, the humidity kissed air caressed my skin. I was soaking in the quietness and warmth of this tropical paradise, the chosen escape in celebration of my birthday when my solitude was interrupted. It was room service delivering breakfast my friend had ordered to surprise me. It was […]

Not So Sweet Surender

“As you say, my lord, O king, I am yours, and all that I have. (1 kings 20)   These words by themselves sound like an act of worship to a worthy God and King but in context it is one King’s tame and submissive response – an act of surrender to the demands of […]

She’s Got Issues!

Each surge of guilt stripped another layer of her heart leaving it raw.  Like salty ocean currents on open wounds condemnation, steeped to her very core. 

Enticed by promises of a grand time we arrive at these soirees primped, preened eager to delight our senses.

Finding Him

I was at an all-female bible study tonight and the question was asked; why did Jesus choose to reveal himself to Mary Magdalene first, before anyone else?  It was noted that in those days women did not hold positions of prominence in the church and so this act seemed to be of some cultural or […]