ru·mi·na·tion  (rm-nshn)


1. The act of pondering; meditation.

We live in the information age, a time where knowledge is literally at our fingertips.  I have access to more information today through my cell phone than was available to me through my high school library!  I read a lot out of necessity and sometimes for fun but I am prone to forgetting what theorists theorize what the experts propagate yet, I find that the lessons spoken to me by the voice of God whether they come when I’m alone in the quiet or He pierces through the noise and speaks directly to my heart, His words, His teachings are etched in my heart and in my mind and reveal invaluable lessons over and over again ….

God blesses us not just for ourselves but so that He can bless others through us.  It is my hope that by sharing these reflections whoever reads them will also come to ponder  the unfailing love God has for each of us.   I pray that we will all pause to ruminate on the messages of love that he speaks to our hearts.


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