Good Friday

Ripped to shreds!
Pursuit of virtue lies wasted,
A dream as good as dead

She who I desired to be is not the one I see through tear filled eyes reviewing my history

The war of worlds inside me so real
I lay exhausted counting new battle scars before old ones heal

Sick to my stomach from chewing on my own vomit
Within stirs a broken and a contrite spirit

A promise not to forsake
A vow to restore
The power to break chains
A veil ripped to the floor!

That faithful Friday when you hung on that tree,
You had looked through time and chose to have mercy on me
Wretched as I am
Still you offered your life
Waived your rights as His son

Now today
To the ruins of my own making
Your blood flows
My sins erasing

Amazed at this love!

How can it be?I stand here washed!

Your spirit fanning embers
Resurrecting beauty from this ash

God who is near to the brokenhearted
Thank you for being faithful to finish what you started!


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