Tis the season to be jolly!

Tinsel framed store fronts glimmer with the fashion we simply must have!  Our inboxes overflow with messages from retailers alluring us to indulge our senses and snatch the perfect finds.  Invitations to the season’s festivities beckon.

We clamor to appear  on the guest list of the ‘it’ events with stocked premium bars and the hottest DJs. The ones catered by celebrity chefs.  Our mouths water at the thoughts of gastronomic delights that will make our palates dance.   And oh the music that will stir us to surrender our bodies to its beat!

If we didn’t make the list then our pursuit becomes that of being the plus one to friends who did.  Some have spent the past eleven months of the year anticipating this season, fingers to keypad perched to RSVP.   Enticed by promises of a grand time we arrive at these soirees primped, preened eager to delight our senses.

In this season of conviviality, there is another invitation, constant as time. An invitation to intimacy with the God of all creation; a place of knowing God and being known by him.   A call from the lover of our souls to arise and come away…

A call to a banquet where no expense was spared a banquet fit for a king,  prepared by the King of kings!   An invitation to drink from the fountain of living water (John 4:11, Rev 7:17, Jer. 17:13, Jer. 2:13).  No nasty hangover to contend with.  No walk of shame.  No seared conscience from “what was I thinking?”, “how did that happen?” moments.  Accepting this invitation will produce an enduring joy and satisfy a longing only He can fill.  A stark contrast to the shallow thrills quickly erased by time,  leaving us fumbling in futility to recollect the essence of an illusory high.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I pray that in this season we will take the time to unwrap and discover anew, the treasured gift extended to us always. That we will not trade full joy for fleeting pleasures and false hope,  but instead, lay hold on the abundant life found only in Christ.  That we will feast from His bounty and revel in the  knowledge of His love which beckons…



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  1. panlyme · · Reply

    I’m in.

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