Monthly Archives: May 2016


SECOND Second hand Second place Second class Second best Second hand that’s what I’ll be to the one who’ll come to set My heart, Soul Mind His body free Not bright and shiny Like a penny new Or a blade of grass after night sends its dew I was impatient you see Thought it wouldn’t […]

You Were Me

You were my dreams, my ambitions personified Breathing was no longer voluntary, but an act of worship Living was a means to your end You were my existence personified   Hurt, no anger, pain Definitely not betrayed, Not quite Joy? I dig deep to find a trace Disappointment? Perhaps a little Void of emotions? God […]

Let The Rain Do My Crying

Let the rain do my crying Let if fall to the earth like broken dreams Through the cracks Let it beat down on leaves Like a lover’s rage summoned by a love, A dream A hope ….lost   Let the rain do my crying For I am dried up inside Emotions chaffed from the absence […]