Us Christians love Hebrews 11 and for good reason.  The passage is filled with accounts of history that rival and have even influenced the cinematic thrills and intrigue of Hollywood blockbusters.  But like all scripture, it wasn’t given to us for entertainment but to train, challenge and ultimately change us.  After all, faith is the […]

Show me where you laid him;   The one that heaped out equal measures of terror and excitement Feeding your desire for purpose and meaning But leaving you hungry for the courage to pursue it So it lays there Wrapped in the web of your self-imposed limitations Cocooned by your fears Laid to rest   […]

I sat on the balcony overlooking the gardens, the humidity kissed air caressed my skin. I was soaking in the quietness and warmth of this tropical paradise, the chosen escape in celebration of my birthday when my solitude was interrupted. It was room service delivering breakfast my friend had ordered to surprise me. It was […]

“As you say, my lord, O king, I am yours, and all that I have. (1 kings 20)   These words by themselves sound like an act of worship to a worthy God and King but in context it is one King’s tame and submissive response – an act of surrender to the demands of […]

Each surge of guilt stripped another layer of her heart leaving it raw.  Like salty ocean currents on open wounds condemnation, steeped to her very core. 

All over the island stands our national tree the lignum-vitae, known as ironwood for its strength; emblematic of the tenacity of a people. This time of year, it is a sheer delight to witness the site of lignum-vitae trees almost enshrouded in yellow Sulphur butterflies in their frenzied mating ritual. One afternoon as I savored […]